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PURE Project co-financed by the European Union

The purpose of the Baltic Sea Region Transnational Cooperation Program is facilitation of transnational development to create a sustainable, competitive and territorially united Baltic Sea Region. The Program covers 11 member states, including Latvia. There are four priorities in the Program, and LLC "Jūrmalas ūdens" is involved in the implementation of the 3rd priority titled "Management of the Baltic Sea as a Common Resource" and targeted at better management of the resources of the Baltic Sea to assure a better condition of the environment, minimise pollution of the sea, and improve marine safety. On the national level, the implementation of the Project is regulated by the law on the management of the programs of the EU Structural Funds' Target No. 3 "European Territorial Cooperation" and the related Cabinet Regulation No. 89 „Procedure for Estimation of the Attributable and Non-attributable Costs of the Projects of the Latvian Partners Within the Programs of the EU Structural Funds' Target No. 3 "European Territorial Cooperation" and Assurance of First-Level Control” of 27.01.2009.

Currently, a Partnership Agreement has been signed between the Lead Partner and the Project Partner (LLC "Jūrmalas ūdens"), and the implementation of the Project has been commenced. The first-level financial control in Latvia is exercised by the State Agency for Regional Development.

The Project includes technical survey at Sloka wastewater treatment plant aimed at improving the technological process through reduction of the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus in the outflow. This would allow to minimise the process of eutrophication in the Lielupe and, consequently, also in the Baltic Sea.

The benefits from the implementation of the Project are the following:

  • Reduced content of phosphoric compounds in the treated wastewater <0.5 mg/l (results in reduced levels of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea)
  • Optimised air supply in the bio-reactor aeration zone – the required range of oxygen concentration is achieved in the wastewater to be treated (respectively, results in lower power consumption and reduced wastewater treatment costs)
  • Improved control of the technological process (more information about the process also from the locations where it was initially not available)
  • Opportunities for a more efficient management of the treatment processes in line with the additionally provided information on the concentrations of oxygenous, nitrogenous and phosphorous compounds in the treatment plant units.

The total Project costs are EUR 372,860.00 or LVL 262,047.50. 

Plan of Project Funding:

  • European Regional Development Fund 85%
  • LLC "Jūrmalas ūdens" 15%


During the implementation of the Project, LLC „Jūrmalas ūdens” cooperates with LLC „Rīgas ūdens”, which acts as the second Latvian project partner. Water engineering companies from Estonia, Poland, Germany, Finland, and Belarus are also involved in the Project.


The Project is divided into the following stages:

  1. Project start-up
  2. Technical survey
  3. Purchase, supply, and installation of technology
  4. Testing period
  5. Project closure

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